About Our Business
Butler Landscaping is a professional landscaping company addressing the
needs of residential and commercial customers in the areas of landscape design
and maintenance, including mulch, flowers, plants, trees and grass in Florida
yards. Our services range from basic weekly lawn care to c
oncrete curb
installation and repairs, sod installation and advising customers in the best
choice of shrubs and plantings for their individual situation.
 Our service is
individualized to best fit our customer's needs and budgets.

ustin Butler is the owner and manager of Butler Landscaping.  Justin has spent
his whole life in Florida and possesses g
reat knowledge of professional
landscaping and lawn care experience.
 He is extremely knowledgeable about
Florida plants and grasses and the specific needs of each variety. J
ustin has a
keen eye for detail.
 All work is performed with precision care from beginning to
 Call or email Justin today for a free estimate and lawn analysis.
About Us